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Guest Workshops at Bluebird Hill Retreat

Anne Blair Brown and guest artists from around the U.S. host day-long and mutli-day painting workshops at our beautiful venue.

To view our 2023 list of guest instructors, please scroll down. 

Interested in taking a course with Anne Blair Brown? Check out in-person sessions and online workshops on Anne’s website.

Interested in hosting your own workshop or retreat? Reach out to Anne for booking details and availability.

Tracy Everly
"A Fresh Approach En Plein Air"

4 Days – May 3-6, 2023



A deposit of $200 will reserve your spot.

Daily Lunch Included.

*To register, please click the button below. Questions? Contact Rachel Blair or 615/504-7201.

Tracy Everly.jpg

Tracy is known for her unique, fresh approach to painting. In this workshop, you will learn new skills, both technical and mental.  You will learn how to find your inspiration, organize the subject into interesting, dynamic compositions, and execute your painting with exciting mark-making and spot-on color harmony.


From Tracy: "My teaching objective is to create a positive educational experience all around, empowering students to take risks, ask questions and pursue their own individual artistic path. I will share my own process fully and openly. My aim is to help students build tangible foundational skills, but I also focus on mindset and thought process—all of which are important aspects of creating art."

Suitable for all levels of experience, although some plein air experience is helpful.

Haidee-Jo Summers

"Painting the Light" –Plein Air
WAITLIST ONLY. Please call or email Rachel Blair. Contact info below.

4 Days – September 20-23, 2023

A deposit of $300 will reserve your spot. 

Daily lunch included.

To register, please click the button below. Questions? Contact Rachel Blair or 615/504-7201.

A light filled painting is a delight to behold, making our spirits soar. What tools can we use as painters to portray a convincing sense of light in our work? Using these tools effectively not only gives our paintings a believable three dimensionality and impact, but can also allow us to elevate an ordinary everyday subject into something approaching a spiritual experience.

In this workshop we’ll explore ways to use shape, value, colour, brushmarks and edges to our advantage in creating compelling, light filled paintings.

Anne Blair Brown
& Trey Finney

"Jumpstart Your Art: Strategies For Loosening Up"

4 Days – October 11-14, 2023



A deposit of $200 will reserve your spot.

To register, please click the button below. Questions? Contact Rachel Blair or 615/504-7201.


So you say you want to loosen up…what does that mean really, and how do you achieve that goal?  Anne Blair Brown and Trey Finney are going to share insights and critical ways of approaching your paintings to help you achieve extreme growth through work that feels exactly like play…because it is!

You will be guided through daily themed exercises that are designed to help you discover the more confident painter within. This workshop will be casually fun but immersive, providing you with creative play and experimentation. 


Plan on discovering new horizons in your paint handling, brushwork, color use and so much more!  The tools you will learn will service your art for many years to come.  

Making time for creative play will provide more growth and insight to your art than you could ever imagine. 

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