Guest Workshops at Bluebird Hill Retreat

Anne Blair Brown and guest artists from around the U.S. host day-long and mutli-day painting workshops at our beautiful venue.

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Tracy Everly
"A Fresh Approach En Plein Air"

4 Days – May 3-6, 2023

A deposit of $200 will reserve your spot.

*To register, please click the button below. Questions? Contact Rachel Blair or 615/504-7201.

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This workshop offers a guided learning opportunity to immerse yourself in a multi-day experience painting outdoors with me. We will paint together at the peaceful Bluebird Hill Retreat, a serene country getaway created by visual artists, located in picturesque Santa Fe, TN. The distractions that dominate everyday life are suspended here and our sole purpose will be to paint and talk about painting.

We will work to develop technical, mental and perceptual skills needed to translate our response to what we see in nature into 2-dimensional form. Topics will include exploring and choosing a painting site, organizing the majesty of what we see into interesting compositions, using color to create harmony and unity, editing and prioritizing elements in a painting, and organically developing interesting painting surfaces, among others.
We will also discuss equally-important aspects of painting such as active looking, focus, mindset, and expectations.

Every day spent painting outside is an opportunity to enjoy the moment and grow as a painter. 

Suitable for all levels of experience, although some plein air experience is helpful.

Haidee-Jo Summers

"Painting the Light" –Plein Air

4 Days – September 20-23, 2023

A deposit of $300 will reserve your spot. 

*To register, please click the button below. Questions? Contact Rachel Blair or 615/504-7201.

A light filled painting is a delight to behold, making our spirits soar. What tools can we use as painters to portray a convincing sense of light in our work? Using these tools effectively not only gives our paintings a believable three dimensionality and impact, but can also allow us to elevate an ordinary everyday subject into something approaching a spiritual experience.

In this workshop we’ll explore ways to use shape, value, colour, brushmarks and edges to our advantage in creating compelling, light filled paintings.